27 th ENFSI Drugs working group Annual meeting


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27th ENFSI Drugs Working Group Annual Meeting

Monday, May 02nd 2022
DWG Steering Committee meeting
Chair: Dr. Irene Breum Müller

DWG Chemometrics Subcommittee meeting
Chair: Dr. Michael Bovens
DWG Databse Subcommittee meeting
Chair: Thorsten Schoenberger
Coffee breaks
Tuesday, May 3rd 2022
Registration at Metropol Hotel/Uploading of presentations
Refreshments served at Metropol Hotel
Opening ceremony of the 27th Annual Meeting ENFSI Drug Working Group by the official represenatative of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia
Welcome by Dr. Irene Breum Müller, Section of Forensic Chemistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Session I – Guests Institutions’ Presentations
Chair: Dr. Natasa Radosavljevic-Stevanovic
O1 – French Customs laboratories network: a future fruitful collaboration? Antoine Devemy, French Customs Laboratory, Paris, France.
O2 – Presenting of BioDNA Laboratory services, Malta Gilbert Mercieca, BioDNA Laboratory services, Malta.
O3 – The Physical-Chemistry Laboratory BIA Natasa Ilic, Sonja Banović Stević, Security Information Agency, Belgrade, Serbia.
Session II – Short presentations
Chair: Dr. Natasa Radosavljevic-Stevanovic
O4 – Trends in Swedish drug seizures during the Covid-19 pandemic Jenny Rosengren Holmberg, Swedish National Forensic Centre, Linköping, Sweden.
O5 – Illegal production of 4-CMC in Poland Malgorzata Galarda, Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police, Warsaw, Poland.
O6 – Synthesis and characterisation of new cathinones: butyl isomers of buphedrone and pentedrone derivatives Attila Pappaa, Sándor Borosaa, Dávid Borosaa, Ferenc Minyab, Tibor Vargaa, Tamas Csesztregia, Tibor Veresa aDrug Investigation Department, Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences, Budapest, Hungary bBudapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary.
Group Photo at the Metropol terasse
Coffee break at the exhibition area
Session III – Plenary discussion: Generic Legislation – the solution for NPS Moderators: Maria Afxentiou and Malgorzata Galarda
End of Day 1
Belgrade Sightseeing Tour
Welcome dinner at Skadarlija bohemian quarter
Wednesday, May 4th 2022
Session IV – Scientific and Poster Presentations
Chair: Malgorzata Galarda
O7 – NPS Data Hub – News and current plans for data validation Torsten Schönberger, Forensic Science Institute, Wiesbaden, Germany.
O8 – Non-targeted discovery of profiling markers using LC-TOF-MS screening data, and implementation in routine comparisons Lotte Ask Reitzel, Daniel Carby-Robinson, Petur Weihe Dalsgaard, Christian Brinch Mollerup, Brian Schou Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
O9 – Fully automated solution for comprehensive narcotics profiling Joerg Koehler, Bruker company.
P1 – An unusual detection of 2-amino-3-(2-chlorobenzoyl)-5- ethylthiophene and 2-methylamino-5-chlorobenzophenone in illicit yellow etizolam tablets marked “5617” seized in the Republic of Ireland Carol Downey1, Audrey O’Donnell1, Gavin McLaughlin1, Geraldine O’Neill1, John O’Brien2 and Pierce V. Kavanagh3 1Forensic Science Ireland, Dublin, Ireland 2School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. 3Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, School of Medicine, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.
Coffee Break at the exhibition area
Session V – Scientific Presentations
Chair: Fraser Johnston
O10 – Integration and sharing of data to solve challenging cases of mixtures of isomers Claude Guillou, European Commission Directorate General Joint Research Centre.
O11 – Where are we with new psychoactive substances? 25 years of monitoring and responding to new psychoactive substances in Europe – an update from the EU Early Warning System (EWS) Rachel Christie, Risks to public safety and security unit, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).
Session VI – DWG subcommittees’ activities and PT report Closed session (not for sponsors) Chair: Fraser Johnston
O12 – News from the Sub-Group “Databases” Torsten Schönberger, Forensic Science Institute, Wiesbaden, Germany.
O13 – Chemometrics Subcommittee update Michael Bovens, Forensic Science Institute, Zurich, Switzerland.
O14 – Quality Assurance Subcommittee update Elisa Kohtamaki, National Bureau of Investigation, Vantaa, Finland.
O15 – Results of proficiency tests 2021 Tamas Csesztregi, Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
Lunch at Restaurant of Metropol hotel
Session VII – Short presentations – Case Work Forum (up to 10 minutes per presentation)
Chair: Annette Sprong
Session VIII – Plenary discussion: Legislation of Cannabis in European countries Moderators: Dr. Irene Breum Müller and Dr. Björn Ahrens
Coffee Break at the exhibition area
Session IX – Plenary discussion: Analysis of particular cannabinoids in Cannabis samples Moderators: Dr. Irene Breum Müller and Dr Björn Ahrens
Party dinner
Thursday, May 5th 2022
Session X – Meeting with partner organizations (UNODC, EMCDDA, JRC)
Session XI – Sponsors’ Presentations
Chair: Dr. Björn Ahrens
O16 – Presentation of company MRG doo, Belgrade, Serbia.
O17 – Presentation of Analysis doo, Belgrade, Serbia: The Detection of emerging synthetic drugs.
Awarding forms for best presentations to be completed Evaluation of meeting, evaluation forms to be completed
Coffee Break at the exhibition area
Session XII – Announcements
Chair: Dr. Natasa Radosavljevic-Stevanovic
Awarding the best oral presentations, Dr Irene Breum Müller Next ENFSI DWG meeting in 2023 (Tbilisi, Georgia-planned) Closing of Annual Meeting, Dr. Irene Breum Müller
Delivering of certificates
Lunch at Restaurant of Metropol Hotel
Session XIII – DWG Business Meeting
Chair: Dr. Irene Breum Müller
Steering Committee Meeting
Wine tasting tour at traditional winery and dinner-optional
Friday, May 6th 2022
Chemometrics Workshop
Dr. Michael Bovens, Sami Huhtala, Tuomas Korpinsalo, Dr. Björn Ahrens
Coffee Breaks
Lunch at Restaurant of Metropol Hotel